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Markdown Book Pipeline Tool

Tanagra is a documentation pipeline tool for building a template for a markdown-based book, generating a directory and file structure based on an outline, and then converting markdown files into HTML, PDF, and EPUB books using Pandoc.

In short, Tanagra works like this:

  • You tell Tanagra where you want to start a project and it creates the necessary files.
  • You create an outline and Tanagra converts that outline into a directory and file structure for that book.
  • You write your book in markdown.
  • When you’re done with your book, you tell Tanagra the format (PDF, EPUB, or HTML) in which you’d like to publish your book.
  • You distribute your book to lucky readers! :)

Tanagra Workflow: Overview

The Tanagra workflow from project creation to generated e-book!


It’s pronounced tah-NAH-grah as in “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” Hear it pronounced: The Enterprise meets the Tamarians

Why Tanagra? Well, it’s a great episode and it’s about learning to communicate and translate. The Tanagra script is about facilitating communication and translating one format into another.

Download Tanagra

Tanagra is currently in pre-stable-release mode.

Download the latest release here: Tanagra releases

You can also clone the git repository here: Tanagra git repository

Get Started

Please read the Tanagra documentation.

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