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  • Python 3.7.5+
  • Bash shell


Installing on Mac OS X

  • Install Homebrew package manager
    $ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Install Pandoc
     $ brew install pandoc
  • For PDF conversion, install Mactex
     $ cask install mactex
    • Start a new terminal session after stalling mactex if you encounter errors generating PDFs.
  • Install Tanagra The recommended location for installing Tanagra is /usr/local/, but you can install it anywhere that you like as long as you create the symbolic link to it in the next step.
    • Download the zip file from the Tanagra repo, save locally, and extract to (recommended location) /usr/local/ so that the files are in /usr/local/tanagra/...
    • …or…
    • Clone the repo from GitHub:
      $ cd /usr/local
      $ git clone
  • Create a symbolic link from /usr/local/bin/tanagra to the scripts/ file
     $ ln -s /usr/local/tanagra/scripts/ /usr/local/bin/tanagra

Installing on Windows

#TODO: Needs documentation.

Installing on Linux

#TODO: Needs documentation.

Writing the Book

Tanagra presumes the author is using GitHub’s markdown format for outline conversion, although the converter mechanism is more flexible.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve setup Tanagra, you’re ready to begin using it. Read the instructions for more information.

Copyright © 2020 Kenny Carlile.